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Key Information

5 x 60'
Year of production
Minnow Films
Channel 4
Factual > Brand New
Factual > Adventure Reality
Factual > Human Interest
Factual > Reality

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After a hugely successful first series, SAS: Who Dares Wins is back! 
Chief Instructor Ant, and his team of ex-SpecialForces soldiers are now heading to the heart ofthe Ecuadorian jungle. They will take a group ofordinary men to see if they’ve got the physicaland mental strength to pass the toughest militaryentrance process in the world: SAS Selection.

The jungle phase of selection is widely seen as the toughest. It’s not enough to be physically fit: you have to be psychologically strong and prepared to confront your own demons. Everyone of the tests is based on authentic SAS selection and is designed to play on the mental weaknesses that come to the surface when people are pushed to the edge. It’s raw and unforgiving; if you try and fight it you’ll lose. The heat, humidity, noise, dangers and darkness make people turn in on themselves. Only the strongest can survive.
On genuine selection only a small percentage make it through the jungle stage. Every one of the tests is designed to use the environment against the recruits and play on the mental weaknesses that come to the surface. The true character of the recruits will be revealed through: psychological profiling and testing; sleep deprivation and stress positions; jungle warfare training and capture and interrogation.

For nine intensive days the recruits will bepushed to the limit to discover if they have thepsychological strength to succeed. This time therecruits’ biggest enemy isn’t the Directing Staffthough; it’s the jungle itself.

Additional Information


  • “More striking than the physical challenges are the mental ones..." The Guardian
  • “4 stars” Daily Mail

  • “…brilliant and utterly addictive” The Sun


  • Channel 4 (UK) – top performing programme, 21% above the slot average
  • Strong co-viewing appeal