Standing Up To Cancer: Jade's Legacy
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Standing Up To Cancer: Jade's Legacy
1 x 60'

Battling cervical cancer

This poignant documentary examines the disease which claimed “the ultimate Big Brother contestant” Jade Goody's life in 2009.

This emotional and revealing film goes behind the headlines and statistics to explore the impact of cervical cancer on women. Highlighting key issues in prevention and treatment, we meet five amazing women battling the disease. Nicola has just started dating again following the emotional trauma of a hysterectomy. Caroline knows she will never recover from the disease despite months of intensive chemotherapy and wishes she’d been diagnosed earlier. 38 year-old Louise hoped that she'd beaten the cancer, only to discover it's back again. Has Jade’s very public battle with this disease raised awareness and reduced the number of women dying or as time goes on are we failing to convince young women to get screened?




Smoking Pony Productions


Sky Living

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