Rhys To The Rescue - Series 2
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Rhys To The Rescue - Series 2
4 x 30'

Documentary series with Dr Rhys Jones who works with some of Wales's wildest animals

In 'Rhys To The Rescue' world renowned zoologist and herpetologist Dr Rhys Jones is called out to rescue members of the public from a plethora of snakes, creepy crawlies and other assorted beasts in his native country of Wales. Boa Constrictors, Chimpanzees, Crocs - it's all in a day's work for our daring Doc. Combined with his hi-octane wildlife crime work for the police, 'Rhys To The Rescue' is an entertaining and informative mash-up of flashing lights, popular science and hysterical members of the general public all brought to life by the energetic and engaging screen presence of Dr Rhys Jones himself.

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Series 1: 4 x 30'

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BBC One Wales

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