Dani’s House
Dani’s House
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Dani’s House
12 x 30' Series 1
13 x 30' Series 2
13 x 30' Series 3
13 x 30' Series 4
13 x 30' Series 5

Brand new contemporary comedy sitcom for the big kid in all of us

Dani Harmer stars in a fast paced and slightly surreal sitcom created especially for her. In her first major part since creating the role of Tracy Beaker, Dani plays an aspiring teen actress who likes nothing better than hanging with her best friends --- ever-so-smart Sam and ‘in-between-jobs’ Toby. Unfortunately her scheming little brother Max, his annoying none-too-bright best friend Ben and the smelly baby-from-hell like nothing more than… well, conspiring to drive her crazy.

But Dani and her pals believe they are doing a ‘show’ which is being broadcast to the world and beyond, and indeed their zany lives are being closely observed, not least by a pair of aliens, Commanders Zang and Zark. These two, who bear an uncanny resemblance to Dani and Toby, are hooked on Dani's show and comment on the weirdness of human behaviour from on high.

Weaving an original path between narrative and sketch comedy, Dani’s House is a fresh,
fast, furious and very funny look at those angst-ridden early teenage years.




Foundation TV Productions

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